Asslamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

We rendering build or unbuild project.

Maintain impeccable presentations.

Focus on creating high quality image in the best

Possible time and make sure the better quality

of presentation

to assure customer satisfaction.

To us, our work is a part of ibadah

(workship to or god). Area 55 is phrase of

Ar Rahman 55

"So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?"-


our team

We Are

The Future Minds.

Arieffian Rikha P.

Business Development Director

"Fian is an architect from Diponegoro University. He started playing around with 3D rendering since his university day and founded Area 55 Studio. Besides being a founder and working from 8 to 4, he's also a full-time father and changing diapers for his baby. "

Dion Nurtanto C.

Marketing Director

"Dion is helping us with the Marketing Development related although he's also doing his main work as the 3D artist. You'll find him in our office listening to a different genre of music every day. Sometimes it's folk, sometimes it's heavy-metal, sometimes it's just simply a chilling instrumental music."

Aris Zainurahman

Creative Director

"As the Creative Director, Aris trademark is his kindness and his creativity. If you asked who has the highest quality of 3D image rendering, Aris is the exact answer. His hobbies include traveling, drawing and portraying every-single god creature on his sketchbooks. "


Postwork Rendering Expert 3D Artist

"Has the biggest motorcycle among us. At the first glance, he looks like living in the past because listening to 80s and 90s music too much. Besides dealing with the post-work rendering, he likes exploring a lot of place with his bike."

Lintang Kurnia P.

Project Accounting & Administrator

"You can say that she's taking care of 8 boys in the office, asking what they want to eat or providing office necessities. Instead of Photoshop, she's dealing with Microsoft Excel the most. Besides that, she's DJ-ing from 8 to 4."

Zahruddin Luthfi

Postwork Rendering Expert 3D Artist

"He's the only one who doesn't like to eat spicy things. Has the most accurate reaction when it comes to impersonating each other besides being a role model for the rest of us. A full-time father. Please say hi to his newborn baby."

Rizal Ardian

3D Modeller & 3D Animator

"Rizal is the youngest and the quietest one. If you don't talk to him first he can stay silent for the rest of the day, but please don't hesitate to reach him, because once he speaks he'll give you the funniest reaction. A gloomy but also funny boy. We really mean it. "


Postwork Rendering Expert Rendering & Graphic Design

"We call him Rama on the daily basis. A fulltime graphic designer and a diligent learner of postwork rendering. Besides his job, he's also Rizal's bickering partner. Thanks to him that Rizal finally got to speak for the rest of the day."

Anang Tusyono

Postwork Rendering Expert Rendering & Interior Design

"Anang is one of our postwork rendering teams, he's also the trendsetter and creates a lot of catchphrases so we could laugh together. He may look sad all the time but he's nice and willing to help all of us. Later you know, his strong point is he always comes first to the office."

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